Our Competitive Advantage

Starting a Send Me a Trainer franchise is simple because it doesn’t require a physical location, expensive equipment, or any construction.

With proprietary technology, low startup costs, and the ability to work from home, Send Me a Trainer offers franchise partners a unique opportunity and the flexible lifestyle they are looking for.

Our technology automates operations of the business, so franchise owners don’t get caught up in tedious things like payroll. It’s changing the entire concept of business ownership in the franchise world.

Top Reasons to Own


Over 13 years of experience in the industry having managed over 1,000 trainers and completed over 100,000 in-home personal training sessions.


No gym. No office. No commute. Complete flexibility over your working life. Get started with under $50k and very low ongoing overhead.


Franchisees do not need to deliver personal training sessions, so no fitness background required. Your focus is on sales and marketing of the business.


The business is managed by a cloud based network and mobile apps and is fully automated. Simple and easy to operate with little demand on time resources.


Start the business at your pace and grow from there. Choose to work full time, part time or around another job. Continue to scale by expanding to multiple locations and different fitness and sports service categories. 


With COVID-19, in-home and online training has become increasingly popular. We operate in a high growth and lucrative market.

Our Franchisee Training & Ongoing Support

  • Comprehensive franchisee training program to get you fully equipped to run your business with confidence.
  • Recruiting assistance from our experience from our experienced coaching team any time you need assistance in finding, onboarding, hiring, or training your network of trainers and staff.
  • Business development systems that include done for you template emails and proposals.
  • Marketing support including templates for flyers, brochures, and social media content.


  • Cloud-based software and mobile app for business optimization, including client and trainer registration, payments, booking, and payroll.
  • Operations manual built on over a decade of experience with proprietary techniques on how to run the business effectively.
  • Pre-opening manual (guidance in opening a new territory)
  • Operations manual (day-to-day business operations)
  • Standard operating procedures (SOP guides)


  • Send Me a Trainer brand
  • Social Media template content
  • Flyers and Brochures
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Professional Press Release
  • Website
  • Video Advertisements
  • Testimonials
  • Access to preferred marketing vendors

Limited Availability

With only 10 franchises available to be awarded in each cohort, don’t drag your feet or you will miss out. These 10 will VERY QUICKLY GO by switched on savvy people. Do not delay, as you WILL MISS OUT! Be the first in your market to get your hands on this fantastic opportunity! We are only awarding 2 franchises in each area. Check if your area is still available.

We are looking for the right people in great locations to build super successful businesses and become our shining star areas – Interested?

Click the link below to check availability.

Combining Top Sectors

Send Me a Trainer is strategically positioned at the intersection of three booming sectors: Convenience, Fitness, and Technology.

Industry experts indicate that the Total Addressable Market of the home fitness industry has increased by $10 Billion annually due to the pandemic driving consumers away from fitness clubs.

Also, monthly Google search volume for “at home fitness” is up over 3x compared to pre pandemic levels. This is causing a huge demand increase for Send Me a Trainer and home fitness solutions that offer the convenience of working out from home.

With COVID-19, in-home and online training has become increasingly popular, perfect timing for Send Me a Trainer to infiltrate and take command of the marketplace.

Consumers are also increasingly looking for more accountability and customization in their workouts and the market is rapidly shifting in this direction. Send Me a Trainer provides its clients with a high level of customized programs and accountability beyond what is possible by connected exercise equipment and video streaming services. 

This makes Send Me a Trainer a promising franchise of the future.

With the convenience and accountability of a personal trainer coming to clients at the click of a button, staying in shape has never been easier.

The Future of Healthcare is Preventative Care

The personal training market is expected to enjoy substantial growth driven by macroeconomic factors that is drawing attention to preventative care including:

  • Growing obesity epidemic with 60% of Americans being considered obese or overweight with no signs of slowing down.
  • Health care spending projected to double over the next decade reaching $5tn to represent c. 20% of GDP.
  • Aging population and impact of baby boomers retiring and implications on health care costs and services.
  • Escalating health care costs also are straining federal and state budgets.
  • Obesity has also been demonstrated as a key contributor to diabetes and other health risks.
  • Most physicians see diet and exercise as being the most important tool against obesity and weight issues.

With obesity levels continuing to grow and healthcare costs skyrocketing, the focus has now shifted to preventative care as a long term solution to reduce healthcare costs. This focus on preventive care, is resulting in an increased awareness and emphasis on the importance of good exercise and dietary practices which continues to fuel the future growth and success of the personal training industry. 

Given the role that exercise and diet plays in preventative care, more and more insurance carriers are increasingly offering allowances to cover personal training sessions. As this significant shift in the insurance industry becomes more mainstream, this will continue to fuel the growth of the personal training industry.

Source: WHO, The State of Obesity Org, Global Sherpa Org