How much does it cost to open a Send Me a Trainer Franchise?
The investment range for a Send Me a Trainer Franchise is between $49,599 – $85,299 per territory.
How much can I potentially make as a Send Me a Trainer Franchise Owner?
We are proud of our industry-leading unit economics with HIGH PROFIT MARGINS and a  VERY LEAN BUSINESS MODEL and look forward to discussing those with you. After completing our questionnaire and demonstrating financial qualifications to own a franchise, we will then provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) which contains more detailed financial statements and performance information.

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How much cash do I need to have on hand to invest in a Send Me a Trainer Franchise?
We require a qualified franchise candidate to have at least $49,599 in liquid capital.
How much is the franchise fee?
That depends on how large of an area you want to operate. You can choose a single territory size that can be your local area, or multiple territories that are an entire city, county or even your entire state. Our franchise is built for scale because it is technology driven. Our Franchise Fee starts at $34,999 for one territory and $94,997 for a 3-unit pack.
How big of a franchise territory do I get?
A territory is approximately 50,000 – 75,000 in population. Based on the zip codes and the geographic area that you are looking to open in, our mapping exercise determines how many territories are included in your area. Some areas can be one territory and others can be multiple territories. You will be awarded a protected territory and will be the only franchisee in your area.
Do you offer a veteran discount?
We love veterans and are proud to offer a $2,500 rebate on royalties for active-duty and retired U.S. military to show our appreciation for their service.
I don’t know anything about fitness or personal training. Can I still own a Send Me a Trainer?
Absolutely! This is a management franchise. Franchisees do not need to deliver personal training sessions, so no fitness background required. Your focus is on sales and marketing of the business.

We’re looking for franchise owners who are outgoing and have sales, marketing, and/or management experience, and who are results oriented. A person who can build relationships, lead a team, and who has the motivation to excel!

How long will it take to open my Send Me a Trainer Franchise?
Starting a Send Me a Trainer franchise is simple because it doesn’t require a physical location, expensive equipment, or any construction. You can open in as soon as 4 weeks.
What kind of training and support can I expect from the Send Me a Trainer corporate team?
We’re strong believers in working as a team to achieve Franchisees success, and that starts with your initial training. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Comprehensive franchisee training program to get you fully equipped to run your business with confidence.
  • Recruiting assistance from our experienced coaching team any time you need assistance in finding, onboarding, hiring, or training your network of trainers and staff.
  • Business development systems that include done for you template emails and proposals.
  • Digital marketing management including Facebook, Instagram, and Google lead generation.
What is your franchise onboarding and training process?
Franchisees are onboarded through our step by step process. All coaching and training is done through our Franchise Academy which is an online learning management system with all the information and support that you will need to run the business. This allows you to go through the training material at your own pace and access the material from anywhere. We are all about convenience!
Where is your Corporate Office?
We have offices in Tysons Corner, Virginia and in Orlando, Florida. Before the pandemic, we were working towards transitioning to a fully remote basis, inline with leading technology companies. We have a global team and being fully remote allows us to attract the best talent.
Do you host a Discovery Day?
Our version of discovery day is embedded in our process of getting to know each other over a period of a few weeks. Rather than overloading you with information on one specific day, we share information with you throughout the process of us getting to know each other. We find that this approach gives you better comprehension and understanding of our franchise model.
What are the franchise royalties?
Our royalties are 6% and the brand fund contribution is 2%.
Can I own a Send Me a Trainer Franchise on a semi-absentee basis?
We offer both Owner-Operator and Semi-Absentee ownership models. As a Semi-Absentee owner, you will activate one of your trainers to be a Head Trainer and take lead on the local operations. This also allows you to scale to open more territories and have a team of Head Trainers under your supervision that will operate each territory.
How many trainers will I need to get started?
Before you launch, you will want to have a team of 10-15 trainers that have a diversified skill set and background to accommodate many different clients. You can then always invite more trainers to join your network as needed. Your network of trainers is an exclusive network and trainers have to be invited to join. We will train you on how to recruit and onboard trainers as part of our franchise training program.
How do you keep the clients and trainers from working together off of the app?
The key to addressing the disintermediation of the platform is to ensure we are providing value to both our clients and trainers. We are a marketplace platform that provides both our clients and trainers a strong value proposition. The key to mitigating this disintermediation is to ensure that clients and trainers comprehend and appreciate this value. With over a decade of experience running this service, we have learned how to best address this and have embedded in our business model specific practices to ensure that both clients and trainers are loyal to the platform. 
Who provides the equipment for client workouts?
Franchise owners do not need to purchase any equipment. It is expected that trainers will be comfortable training clients with limited or no equipment. A popular exercise program called P90X validated that you can get a great workout from home with limited or no equipment.

Clients can get a great workout with just a few resistance bands, a yoga ball and dumbbells. Most clients already have this equipment available or have access to HOA and apartment gyms that have this equipment. If clients do not have any equipment, trainers may recommend to your clients to obtain a few items so that they can also exercise even when their trainer is not there. Also, clients prefer to use their own equipment versus sharing with others for sanitary purposes, especially due to COVID.


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